100% Silicon Anodes

Made for high-volume production

Designed for Safety

Put Range Anxiety In the Rear View Mirror.

100% silicon anodes will revolutionize EV batteries.

GDI’s patented silicon anodes offer better performance over standard lithium-ion batteries. GDI anodes use the power of silicon to achieve faster charging times, greater energy density and exceptional safety.

Say goodbye to range anxiety! 

The Silicon Anode Alliance

GDI’s industrial-scale and cost-efficient manufacturing will accelerate your roadmap

GDI’s pure silicon anodes are designed to adapt to any lithium battery architecture and engineered for mass manufacturing that can scale. We’ve partnered with state-of-the-art manufacturers to use existing fabrication equipment, making our silicon anodes cost efficient. The first anode is the same as the tenth – or the millionth.

Our Investors

GDI’s silicon anodes are ready to power the products of tomorrow.

Electric Vehicles





Our anodes are versatile and integrate seamlessly into existing high production battery manufacturing, enabling innovative companies to realize their vision of an electric and sustainable future. We collaborate with product and battery manufacturers from a range of industries to integrate GDI Silicon anode technology into their battery design.

Let’s Drive Change Together.

GDI’s journey towards a net-zero transportation future.

At GDI, we believe in a future where transportation is powered by clean, sustainable energy. Our mission is to accelerate this transition by developing the most advanced 100% silicon anodes for batteries. Our team is dedicated to solving the urgent challenge of achieving net-zero emissions in transportation. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a cleaner and brighter future. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the world.

The GDI Leadership Team

Rob Anstey

Founder & CEO

Steve Wolk


John Brewer

Senior VP, R&D

Juan Diaz

Technical Director, Europe

Richard LeCain

Director of Cell Development

Raymond Meeuwsen

Director of Commercial Operations

Kevin Tanzil

Director of Research Operations

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